4 Reasons why the young generation suffers from depression

4 Reasons why the young generation suffers from depression

Depression affects a lot of teenagers around the world. Teen girls go through depression more than the boys. These are five major reasons of depression in our society today.

Negative attitude from peers

Teens suffer from depression when their peers don’t like them. Those who are accepted by the peers have a healthier self-esteem than those who spend their teenage days without friends. They even attempt suicide due to depression. The parents and the teachers must always be aware of the signs of teen depression. They should deal with the problem before it gets out of hand.

Major life changes

Teens today are rebellious. When major life changes happen, like going to university or divorce of parents, etc. they get stressed out. They find it very hard to adjust to the new life, so they go under depression.

Low self-esteem

Peer rejection leads to low esteem which in consequence leads to depression. Some teens have such low esteem that they form dysmorphic disorders. Bulimia and Anorexia are two types of dysmorphia which causes an incorrect perception of one’s body. They think that they are fat and so they try unhealthy means of staying slim.


Bullying is also a major form of teen depression. Some teens are at more risk of being bullied than other teens, like the LGBT teens and those with special needs.

These problems in the society must be taken care of by the parents, teachers, and community. Teen depression is a dangerous thing, and the rate of suicide due to depression is on the rise. So, steps must be taken immediately to overcome this problem.

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