4 Challenges faced by today’s young generation

4 Challenges faced by today’s young generation

Nowadays the young generation enjoys more attention than those of the previous generations. They are more troubled now and a bit rebellious too. Here are the major challenges faced by today’s youth generation.

Single parent household

Many children today live in a single parent household. When they see their parents live in different places, their minds are affected. The rate of single parent household has increased significantly over the last few years. Thes children are deprived of parental guidance.

Violence in schools

Schools play a big role in the development of a child. But nowadays the violence in school has increased. The children are subject to bullies. Crimes like stabbings and fighting, etc. are happening all the time.


Obesity is a major problem with the young generation today. These kids are inclined to consuming fast foods and those that are less nutritious. These are the main causes of obesity. Kids with obesity can suffer from high blood pressure diabetes, depression, etc.

Inadequate job opportunities

The job market is very tight now. One of the main reasons for this is that colleges and universities are quite costly now. They need to work besides their studies to pay for their college education. Even after they graduate, there is not enough job opportunity for them.

Some people find it very hard to deal with these issues. These young people require the help of their family and friends to solve these problems and lead a good life.

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